Discover Blacksmithing Workshop

Discover Blacksmithing Workshop (4 hours) - 120€

  • Discover the workshop and the blacksmith's tools
    • Safety considerations
    • The artist-blacksmiths basic tools : the anvil, hammer, tongs and chisel

  • The fire and the forge
    • Types of forges their fuels
    • Lighting and maintaining a coal fire
    • Recognizing the temperatures of hot iron

  • Principles of metal movement and controlling the hammer

    • Demonstration: forging small sections
      • Practice: Forging round stock to square, from square to octagon, from octagon to round

    • Demonstration: drawing a taper to a point
      • Practice: Forging tapers and points on round, flat and square stock

    • Demonstration: basic scroll-work and « the knot »
      • Practice: forging a small scroll on the anvil and forming a knot in steel.

    • Demonstration: drawing out
      • Practice: drawing out a bar from 6mm to 3mm.